New Footage Shows A Never Seen Tribe In The Amazon, Near Peruvian Border


Using drones, a special exploration team spotted an isolated tribe in the Amazon Rainforest, according to Brazilian National Indian Foundation (NIF). The organization assured the community is located in the tributaries of the rivers Jutaí and Juruazinho, near Peruvian border.

The discovery is part of the project “Monitoring the Presence of Isolated Indians in Juruazinho River”, organized by NIF, founded in 1910 with the goal of the protection of Amazonian natives tribes. The explorers traveled more than 180 kilometers (112 miles) in river boats, road trucks and motorcycles on closed trails. Then, they completed another 120 kilometers (75 miles) on foot inside the dense jungle. The trip took place between July 16th and August 1st.

Last week, footage was released. The short video shows a group of people walking on a patch in the Javary River valley. They don’t appear to notice the team or the drone flying around. The government instituition also released some photographs taken by the team during the journey. The images contain, among others, tree trunk canoes, a hut and an ax discovered in the 2017 expedition.

The team also found illegal hunters in the region. Two groups were arrested and living animals were freed to their habitats.

The protected indigenius zone of Javari is the second largest in Brazil, and is located in Southwest Amazon, in the border between Brazil and Peru. Scientists and researchers count at least eight contacted tribes, and 11 isolated ones still living in the region. “This is the largest quantity of confirmed groups of isolated indigenous people in the country”, added NIF.

(Cover Photo NIF)

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