New Peruvian Princess Gets Married Today in Lima


Alessandra de Osma and Christian of Hannover celebrate at noon their religious wedding.

“If you ever encounter someone in Cusco with the last name Tupacyupanqui or Sinchi Roca, it is almost certain that that person has Inca blood running through their veins”, wrote En Portada.

Of course, that would mean that there are still heirs of Inca Royalty alive today in the world. Nevertheless, there is also new Peruvian royalty, just like Alessandra de Osma.

This lawyer and ex-model, also known as “Sassa”, is marrying today German Prince Christian of Hannover in Lima. He is the son of Ernest of Hannover and the millionaire Swiss Chantal Hochuli. He is also stepson of Carolina of Monaco, and half-brother of Carlota, Andrea, and Pierre Casiraghi.

The couple began dating in 2014 and had their civil wedding on November 24 in London, 2017. Yesterday, a series of festivities for the religious ceremony began in Lima, and today at noon they will get married in a religious ceremony in the San Pedro Basílica.

She has been given in Europe the informal title “Princess of the Andes”, but her royal title is now Princess of Hannover and Duchess of Brunswick-Luneburg, a title that also holds Caroline of Monaco.

Tomorrow, the newlyweds and their guests will be enjoying a party in the Museo Pedro de Osma which will include traditional Peruvian cuisine, as well as an allusive decoration to the Peruvian culture.

(Source: En Portada)
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