This is the New President of Peru’s Women’s Committee


The former president signed her resignation after being heavily criticized for comments defending perpetrators.

Cecilia Chacon is once again in charge of the Women’s Committee. This is her second time in this position (2013-14 in the old Congress). Chacon, who was not a full member of the Committee, was able to enter when an empty space was left by Milagros Salazar from the party called “Fuerza Popular”.

The committee, which spent two weeks with no president leading the activities (since the resignation of Maritza Garcia), is now facing an important situation since some cases of violence against women have earned so much popularity and are no longer a hidden or silent issue. Cecilia Chacon, who is part of Fujimori’s party has a great responsibility, having to represent a Committee which is probably more important now than ever.

Cecilia stated that violence at home is an issue that affects everyone, it is a problem that goes beyond political ideologies and that Peruvian women count on this Committee to help solve the issue. She said that it is important to pay attention to all issues involving violence, not only against women but against the family in general.

Fortunately, many different sectors are joining forces to fight against the issue that violence against women represents to the country. Here is a great example of how women feel regarding this problem. In the video, beauty pageant contestants list cases of violence against women during their speeches.

Why is violence against women just now becoming a topic in Peru?

(Source. Cover Photo Facebook)



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