New Zealand Lost in a Practice Match Against a School Team from Miraflores


The final match is today, if the Peruvian team has not received enough support, this will surely do it.

If Peru wins this match, they will directly qualify for the World Cup 2018 in Russia. They have been training harder for this second match since they were not able to score in the first match.

New Zealand’s team, which did little to threaten the Peruvian defense in the first match, was amazed by the city as soon as they arrived in Lima. Previously we reported the New Zealand team admiring the views from their windows at the Mariott hotel, before a shopping excursion to Larcomar and other stores in Miraflores.

But the big news happened yesterday, the New Zealand team was not able to win against a school team from Miraflores. The school was Markham College.

The players, no older than 15 years old, surpassed expectations  winning the match 2-0.

New Zealand’s players were surprised by the quality of the boys of the Markham College team. The teams played two 25 minute halves. The two goals scored occurred in the second half; they were both scored by 15yr old Henry Dixo.

The Peruvian team will face New Zealand’s team in the last match of the two game playoff today at 9:15 PM. They need to win the match in regular time or the game will enter extra time until one of the two teams score.

Are you ready for the match?

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