New Zealand’s Players Captivated by Lima


New Zealand’s players were very happy with the landscapes offered by this coastal city.

Tomorrow is surely the most important day of the whole year; Peru’s last chance to qualify for the World Cup will be played at the national stadium here in Lima. After a tie in the first match in New Zealand, a victory is essential if they want to go to Russia. 

Although there is a lot of pressure on both sides and everyone wants to see their team going to the most important football championship of all, New Zealand’s players took some of their free time to visit places in Miraflores. They went to some of the malls in the city and stores from Larcomar, always followed by security staff.

Nevertheless one of the players posted a couple of pictures on his Instagram account highlighting how beautiful the view from his window was, facing the sea.

It is worth mentioning that tourism and its promotion is a very important aspect of economy and culture that has been repeatedly highlighted by the president.

The New Zealand team will train on the Markham college courts, located near the Marriott hotel. At first, the technical command had opted to perform the practices at the Alianza Lima stadium but then discarded it.

The last match will be this Wednesday at 9:15 p.m. Where will you watch it?

(Source. Cover Photo Archive)

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