Kenny G Performs in Lima to Sold-Out Crowd

Katrina Heimark
Photos by Isabel Guerra

Kenny G performed last night in Lima in the María Angola Convention Center to a sold-out crowd. The “King of Smooth Jazz” delighted young and old alike with songs from his latest album “Rhythm and Romance, the Latin Album” as well as classics from his earlier albums.

The concert began with Kenny in the center of the crowd, showing off his talent for playing notes for an incredibly long amount of time. Later he explained his technique of circular breathing, in which he is able to sustain a note while inhaling through his nose.

Kenny G alternated between speaking English and heavily accented but nearly perfect Spanish to the crowd. He expressed his joy at finally being able to play in Peru, and, of course, lauded Peruvian gastronomy, especially cebiche. He lamented the fact that he was in Peru for so little time, saying “I don’t want to leave.”

While the concert focused on many of Kenny’s classics, he also played many songs that had an obvious latin influence. “Sax-o-loco,” as well as the highly anticipated self-composed “Peruvian Nights” highlighted the talents of the percussion session. Alex Acuña, the famous Peruvian drummer, made a guest appearance and delighted the audience with his drum solos (especially on the cajón). “Peruvian Nights” garnered a standing ovation and prompted Kenny to remark “it is so good to be here.”

The concert featured solos from each musician, some of which have played with Kenny G for over 20 years. Kenny acknowledged their talent after each song, applauding along with the audience. At the end of the concert, he awarded a saxophone, the value of which is estimated to be at least US$5000 to one of the audience members.

After an encore, Kenny G, as well as his bassist and one of the drummers, pledged to sign autographs and stay as long as the audience wanted. Today he travels to Ecuador to continue his world tour.

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