Peru: Saturday Boxing Match in Callao

by Katrina Heimark

Peruvian boxer Jonathan Maicelo will fight Argentine Miguel Leonardo Cáceres for the Latino boxing title Consejo Mundial de Boxeo this Saturday.

Maicelo currently occupies second place in the Latin American ranking of boxers, and according to El Comercio, if he wins the title, he would be the first Peruvian to enter the world ranking, which would give him the possibility to fight for the world title.

With complete confidence, Maicelo stated before the press today that “on Saturday I see myself with the belt in my hands.” The match will take place in the Miguel Grau Coliseum in Callao.

The action begins at 5pm with five preliminary amateur fights, which will be followed by a match between Peruvian Rubén Poma and Mexican Gerardo Piñón in the light-weight category.

Afterwards Leo Rojas will take on the Mexican Carlos “El Churro” Velaverde, and the second to last match will be between Raúl “Toro” Enciso and Alan Paredes, both of whom are Peruvian boxers.

The night will finish off with the match between Maicelo and Cáceres.

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