Peru’s exports to grow in 2010, ADEX says

Isabel Guerra

The President of Peru’s Association of Exporters (ADEX), José Luis Silva Martinot, said that after the temporary contraction of the exports during the first semester of 2009, they would grow up to 10% during 2010.

   He also mentioned that ADEX’s position regarding to the debate on transgenic crops vs. Traditional and organic ones tends to “be aware” because “traditional cultures could be contaminated.”

“If we are not sure that transgenics will not affect traditional agriculture, we think that we should be very careful,” he declared.

Silva Martinot remarked that Peru “is the origin of many products such as the potato and many others. Imagine a transgenic corn contaminating our traditional giant corn from Cusco, or our purple corn That would mean we would lose the value of our traditional production,” he added.

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