15 Peruvian franchises to enter the Colombian market

Isabel Guerra

A total of 15 Peruvian franchises, mainly from the gastronomic sector, might be entering Colombian market during the next three years, according to David Edery Muñoz, General Coordinator of PromPeru’s Export Department,

“We have 59 Peruvian franchises, 68% of which belong to gastronomía, the sector experiencing the highest growth during the last year and with the majority of opportunities,” said Emery.

In 2008 the Peruvian gastronomic companies grew by 90% abroad through the merchandise model, consolidating their presence with 72 establishments in 16 countries, mainly in Chile, Panama and Ecuador, where over 70% of Peruvian presence is concentrated.

"Peruvian franchises are a good, low-cost alternative for Colombian businessmen, and their success is practically guaranteed” said Emery.

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