Peru: Women Celebrate 54 years of Suffrage


Katrina Heimark

This week women of Peru celebrate 54 years of having the right to vote. The law allowing women to vote was passed on September 7th of 1955, under the government of Manuel Apolinario Odría. Law number 12931 modified articles 84, 86 and 88 of the Political Constitution of 1933, and incorporated women as eligible, upon reaching the age of 21, to vote.

In the first election in which women were able to vote, which took place in 1956, women represented 34% of the national electorate. Lima was the department with the most votes placed by women. Women had solicited the government for suffrage rights since 1910, according to El Comercio.

On July 28th, 1956 nine women were elected for the first time to Parliament. This week celebrates the 54th anniversary of the power of women’s suffrage in Peru, a fact that has most definitely changed the face of Peruvian politics.

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