Small hands carry tradition of their ancestors.


A competition was held by the Regional Direction of Exterior
Commerce and Tourism in Junin was to see if the art of ‘burilado’ still existed
or was near extinction. The art of ‘burilado’ is the crafting of pictures and
words into a pumpkin are a ‘mate’ with a very sharp piece of metal of knife.
They held this however for children, ranging from the astonishing
age of 5 until 10. “an old bruilador
(a man who does this art work) from the town of Cochas Chico confessed he had
moments where he wanted to run outside so they wouldn’t see the tears in his
eyes as he watched the children work” told the director of the Industry, Commerce
and Tourism, Alberto Matos Gilvonio.
The winner of the category age 5 to 6 Lizbeth Limaylla Quispe a little 5 year old girl who held her pumpkin
that she could hardly sustain, worked carefully and fully concentrated on her
design. Most of these children learn these arts from their parent or
grandparents, “I learnt it from my grand father Justino” said 7 year old Julissa
Fabian Dorregaray the winner of the category 7 to 8 who artfully worked her
knife to make the pictures she imagined and then drew with a pencil so she
would not forget. These children whose feet don’t even touch the ground are the
ones who will carry on the tradition of their ancestors.
“We thought the art of burilado of pumpkins and ‘mates’ was
at the point of extinction, that’s why we planned this event, but now we know
that its safe and in good hands, small but safe hands, with as much power like
those of the titans” said the functionary of the tourism Georgia Flores Loayza