Peru and TPE signed grant concession contract for Paita’s Port

Isabel Guerra

Although the ceremony was scheduled for next Monday, Paita’s Port grant concession contract was signed last night, by the Peruvian State (represented by the Ministry of Transport) and the grantee, consortium Euroandinos Port Terminals (TPE).

The ceremony, that was convoked only with a 2 hours notice, was attended by Peru’s Transports Minister, Enrique Cornejo, ProInversión Director, Cayetana Aljovín, and the National Port Authority, Frank Boyle.

TPE has committed to invest $ 232 million dollars in modernizing the port.

According to the Deputy Minister of Transports, José González Quijano, Paita Port will be able to handle around 500,000 containers per year, which will dynamize Peruvian foreign trade.

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