Southern Peru Corp. seeking for local communities’ approval of Tia Maria’s project

Isabel Guerra

Southern Peru Copper Corporation is seeking to convince local communities on the alleged benefits that Tia María’s project–that was rejected by the population weeks ago–would bring them benefits.

Tía María’s project, by far the most important project that Southern Peru has at present, requires an investment of US $ 950 million dollars; but its development would make Southern Peru raise its production to 120,000 annual tonnes starting June 2011, according to Gestión.

Peru’s Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) has asked the company to continue holding public hearings next month in order to explain the progress of the project and solve problems affecting the region.

The main concern among the local population is that is the regional water supply might be contaminated by mining activities, which would harm their agricultural lifestyle.

Oscar Gonzáles, Southern Peru’s Executive President, told the press that the company plans to use groundwaters, and ruled out the possibility of using desalinated sea water.

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