Peruvian sound technician was awarded an Emmy Prize for his work in “House” series

Isabel Guerra

Juan Karlo Cisneros, a Peruvian-born sound technician that currently works for the famous TV series “Dr. House,” has just been awarded an Emmy prize, under the category “Best Sound in a one-hour TV SitCom or Drama.”

Cisneros, who has worked in the US for the past 20 years, has also worked for Britney Spears and for Ironman, but says he never thought his work would be so highly acknowledged.

According to El Comercio, he didn’t think he would win because his competitors were the sound technicians working for “Lost” and “24,” who are his idols, and the ones who taught him all he knows.

Cisneros revealed that thanks to this prize, his contract with Universal Studios has been renewed.

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