Peru: Oil companies sued for Amazon exploration

Isabel Guerra

Several indigenous people in Peru are suing Repsol-YPF and US company Hunt Oil over their plans to explore for oil on their land, according to a press release from NGO Survival.

Local indigenous organization FENAMAD has filed a lawsuit, claiming that local people were never consulted –as international laws require– on this matter.

They say that oil exploration under this conditions would violate local peoples’ fundamental human rights to ‘enjoy a balanced environment’.

Hunt and Repsol-YPF own the rights to explore Lot 76, which includes land belonging to the Yine, Matsigenka and Harakmbut tribes.

The Amarakaeri Communal Reserve, the source of six rivers that are the only fresh water supply for an estimated ten thousand people, is also in the area.

‘FENAMAD hopes that this legal action will paralyze any activity inside the Amarakaeri Communal Reserve, as otherwise the very existence of Madre de Dios’ indigenous peoples would be put at risk,’ said FENAMAD spokesperson Jaime Corisepa.

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