Peruvian Cuisine third best in the world


Many concur that the Peruvian cuisine is one of the 3 best
in the world, following the French and the Chinese. Cusco
today is considered the hot spot for multicultural encounters which enrich our
already complex and complete Peruvian cuisine. Why is our cuisine such a
gastronomical pleasure?. Little things work as effectively as: incentive, and
what better incentive than lines and lines of tourists from all over the world constantly
throughout the year, most looking to experiment our cuisine. Here in Lima
they have adapted themselves to the wide variety cuisine, in many
restaurants when flipping through the menu you will find fish, pastas,
rice, vegetables, meats, etc. Many restaurants take great pride in attracting
tourists and seeing them satisfied when they leave. So why have we became the
third among the best cuisines in the world? Well that’s history, we have
to know that we have the best fish meaning conchitas,
truchas, legados, etc. also we have such a wide culture variety from Chinese, Japanese to Asians
and northern Europeans who all bring traditions from their home towns each
adding touches to our cuisine, we also have our rich country which offers us tropical flavors; and the highlands with their spices so throughout the years the Peruvian cuisine has grown immensely.
So we’re third, one day we’ll be first due to our ever
changing and ever growing population.