Disco found inside prison in Peru

Isabel Guerra

A report aired by local TV station Panamericana Televisión revealed that in the Ward N°12 of the Lurigancho Prison (in Lima) the inmates had setup a kind of discotheque.

The place, decorated with disco lights, was used, as it is obvious, for organizing all kind of parties and selling liquors, even with the presence of women from outside the prison, as quoted by El Comercio.

The same TV report shows clearly videos shot in Ward N°20  where the inmates can buy canned beers for only 11 soles (less than $4) and that in the esplanade in front of the Ward N°3 they can buy drug packs, that have been elaborated by another inmates.

Some of the inmates explained that in this crowded prison they are obliged to pay 3 soles ($1) for the food and 10 soles ($3.5) for attending these parties.

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