Argentinian magazine illustrates Peru’s César Vallejo poem.

Isabel Guerra

In the last number of the Argentinian magazine “Fierro”, the editors have included an illustrated adaptation of “París, October 1936", from the  famous Peruvian poet César Vallejo.

The illustration was made by Max Aguirre, who says he admires and likes Vallejo’s poetry.

Why did he choose this poem in particular? "Beacuse I love it, I like other poems, but this ode to the lightness, such a clarity to deal with human existence was the one to work with".

Aguirre, who worked along other six Latin American illlustrators, added that "It is a great joy to pay homage to one of the best poets of the Spanish language".

A complete interview to Max Aguirre and the complete graphic adaptation can also be found in the Peruvian blog “La Nuez.”

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