Peru: Brazilian OAS to invest US $570 millions in renewing Lima’s “Evitamiento” express way

Isabel Guerra

The Brazilian company OAS is supposed to start the new “Vía de Evitamiento” (a local express way) by the end of the year 2010, provided it can sign the contract with the Municipality of Lima before 2009 ends, according to Peru’s OAS branch General Manager, Valfredo Ribeiro.

The new express way would require a total investment of US $570 millions.

It is worth noting that this project includes the construction of a 2km tunnel, and at least ten bypasses.

Once the contract is signed, OAS will start with the engineering studies, the asessment on enviromental impact and archaeological conditions, and the reubication of affected areas, works that are likely to take a whole year.

Reportedly, the contract will grant the express way in concession to OAS for 30 years.

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