Peru: real human lung stolen from exhibition.

Isabel Guerra

A real human lung, that was part of the exhibition ‘The Human Body’ (currently being held at Plaza Camacho Mall, in Surco), was stolen, according to Impacto Producciones S.A., the company that brought the exhibition to Peru.

According to General Manager, Susan Hoefken, the stolen lung was part of the exhibition, in which the attendees could touch the bodies to understand better its functions and structure.

"We want to believe that this is the mischief of a child or a teenager," said Hoefken, remarking that the lung has no other value than transmitting culture,” she said.

The exhibition ‘The Human Body’, which features real human bodies, is supposed to stay in Lima until October 25, so the organizers are offering a reward of US $2,000 to the person who return the lung.

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