Candidate to Chile’s Congress wants to deport illegal Peruvians

Isabel Guerra

Chilean Lawyer Cristian Espejo (UDI) said it is necesary to deport Peruvians staying illegally in Chile.

Espejo, a candidate to Congress for Santiago remarked that the measure should be tough on those who cannot regularize their legal immigration status.

The lawyer remarked that Peruvian immigration to Santiago has turned into a bad immigration; "I say this  very respectfully," he added.

The leader also remarked that Peruvian immigrants use social and health security systems that should be for Chilean workers.

The great number of ilegal Peruvian workers had provoked that many people cannot get necesary medical attention from the social services.

He demanded not to be misunderstood: "It is not about xenophobia, neither extreme nationalism, but talking with the true."

On Novembre 2007 Michelle Bachelet’s government opened a regularization process for thousands of Peruvian workers at Chile.

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