New trial for Peruvian nanny in the US

Isabel Guerra

The Peruvian nanny Ada Cuadros, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in the U.S. after the death of a 14 months old baby, will reportedly have a new trial, so she hopes to regain her freedom.

"I’d rather wait and be positive,”she said. In 2006, Cuadros was sentenced to life imprisonment by a Collin County jury (Texas) which declared her guilty of the death of little Kyle Lazarchik, which occurred on October 12th, 2005.

At that time, Collin County’s prosecutors accused her of severely injuring the child, after doctors at a children’s hospital diagnosed him with brain death due to by a heavy blow to the head.

However, the Fifth Texas Board of Appeals detected irregularities in the trial (particularly when the judge Keery Fitzgerald dismissed the testimony of the expert David Gardner) and annulled the conviction.

In an interview with the Peruvian TV program ‘Reporte Semanal’ (Weekly Report’), Cuadros thanked for the support she has been receiving from their relatives in Chimbote and from Maple Mission, an organization that supports the Peruvians in the US.

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