Peruvian “turron” (nougat) main foreign markets are USA and Italy

Isabel Guerra

The most important foreign markets of traditional Peruvian nougat (which is mostly consumed in October, during the religious celebrations of the Lord of Miracles) are the United States and Italy, according to the Exporters’ Association (Adex).

The exports between September 2008 and August 2009 reached US $57,000; US $33,721, (59% of the total) was bought by the US, and Italy bought US $13,855 (24% of the total).

The nougat is exported in boxes of a quarter, half, three quarters and one kilo.

During September and October the demand reached its peak, and the leader was Industria Panificadora San Jose (US $ 20,510), followed by Import and Export (US $8,302), Mapa Logistica Internacional (US $8,109), Andean Trading Corporation (US $3,821) and Vieri D’Peru (US $,3552), respectively, amongst others.

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