Official Notice from Chamber of Commerce of Canada- Peru


On Wednesday 4th of January the companies of
Mineria Algamarca S.A. and Exploraciones Algamarca S.A. published an official
notice with great imputations against the Camara de Comercio Canada-Peru
(Chamber of Commerce of Canada-Peru) and their president Felipe Cantuarias
Salaverry, they said these allegations were completely false.
The Chamber of Commerce said that the comments constituted a
great lack of respect and denied that their president was putting any pressure on
the judges of the Supreme Court. They also added that they had sent the
president of the Supreme Court a letter expressing great concern in the illegal
and irresponsible formthat this problem has been undermining itself. They
also cleared up that they had never put any pressure on the president of the
Supreme Court nor any other judge or magistrate, nor had their president nor
any member of the directives of their institution had a conversation or seen him.
They said that the base interest of the institution is the clear communication
between both parties and that there will be no more manipulating of the
situation that could put the company at risk.
This was the letter sent by the Chamber of Commerce in its
defense to the allegations made by the above mentioned companies.