Fujimori won’t be running for Presidency


The Jurado Electoral Especial de Lima (JEEL) declared that
the solicitude of inscription for candidacy of ex President Alberto Fujimori is
inadmissible, however the congress woman Martha Chavez announced that the
fujimorists (people who are in favor of Fujimori) would take this to the streets
and would make a “political war” to achieve that their “leader” be allowed to
run for presidency.
Chavez said that the people who are in favor of Fujimori saw
this coming and that they are ready, they will go to the streets to make their
political war, to defend the principle of the candidate Fujimori, she made
these declarations to different mediums of communication in the morning.
She also added that they would go and appeal before the National
Jury of Elections, and with great enthusiasm she added “Were going to give them
huge legal war!”
Martha Chavez, who currently herself is running for
presidency with her electoral campaign called “Alianza por el Futuro” commented
that the campaign of Fujimori is a campaign of justice, it should not be
violated or upset, its in the rights of millions of Peruvians, who want to be perpetrated
by the democratic tradition.
The lawyer of Alberto Fujimori, Cesar Nakazaki confirmed that
they will present an appeal due to the rejection of his candidature.