D’Onofrio has 37 percent of the Panetón (Christmas Cake) market in Peru

Isabel Guerra

Panetones D’Onofrio has reached its highest level of participation in the market, at 37%, and this position is expected to strengthen this year, thanks to the renewed presentations of the the three brands of the company, and due to the launch of two new presentations, said Francois Marchand, Group Manager of Nestle Peru Confectionery Group.

In addition, Donofrio has decided to launch two new presentations this holiday season; D’Onofrio and Motta panetones in plastic bag (the traditional presentation comes in a cardboard box).

"With the evolution of domestic demand, we expect a high level of sales, similar to last year. We are confident that our new presentations will reinforce the preference of our consumers, "said Marchand.

The competition for sales is concentrated in the fourth quarter, especially in December, when the “Panetón” (Christmas cake) reaches 94.4% of penetration in households, with an average consumption of 3.5 kilos in December.

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