Pet Shop Boys happy about coming to Peru soon

Isabel Guerra

Neil Tennant, lead singer of the British electronic pop duet Pet Shop Boys, said in a telephonic interview to a local radio that the show they will offer in Peru on October 20th will be "spectacular," that they have been waiting to visit Peru for a long time because "Inca culture has always caught my attention."

"Our show combines spectacle and theater, and was created in London. It has video projections, and one very quiet section, but all the rest is for dancing," he remarked.

Tennant also said that he is very happy because "when I was student I felt very attracted by the Inca’s history. I remember Atahualpa, and we have been given a book about Cusco. I don’t know how long we will stay, but we want to go to Cusco."

Pet Shop Boys, is a synth-pop duo from UK, and has been considered the best duo in the history of pop music, beating bands like Erasure, Eurythmics, Modern Talking, and Simon & Garfunkel, among others.

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