Peru’s Brenda Mau had a great performance at Catalan festival

Isabel Guerra

Peruvian Brenda Mau sang at the "21st Nougat and Hot Chocolate Fair" and shared with 700 children a breakfast of typical Peruvian products at the Children’s Space of the Fair last Monday 12th October.

Mau was the benefactress of the space and the main protagonist of the event.

The Peruvian singer captivated the attending people not only with her voice but with her charisma and simplicity.

Brenda shared space with Catalan children inviting them to have a Peruvian chocolatada organized by Consul Iván Rodríguez. The kids also had papaya juice, tamal, avocado and choclo (tender corn) pie.

The Children’s Space was inaugurated by Consul Ricardo Silva Santisteban, with the reading of the message from General Consul from Perú in Barcelona, Ambassador Miguel Palomino de la Gala, to the children, inviting them to "go through an imaginary bridge made by chocolate, friendship and affection existing between Perú and Catalunya."

"Tunqui," a mascot created for this event was introduced by Teresita Daroca, the nutricionist responsible for the Children’s Space.

Tunqui is a stylized version of Peruvian "Gallito de las Rocas" and maybe could be heading to Perú in the following weeks along with Brenda Mau to meet Peruvian children.

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