Peru: Community-based rural tourism promoted in Colca Valley


Authorities in the southern Peruvian region of Arequipa and the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECI) have launched a community-based rural tourism project in the Andean town of Pinchollo, located in the spectacular Colca Valley.

Seven houses will be renovated to accommodate Peruvian and foreign tourists so that they can discover first-hand the local culture and ancient Andean customs.

Pinchollo resident Eloy Cacya said that the promotion of community-based rural tourism is an important alternative for the development of his town, whose total population lives on agriculture.

Cacya said local authorities want to implement the successful community-based tourism project of the town of Sibayo, which is also located in Arequipa’s Colca Valley.

“We want to promote this kind of tourism in Pinchollo for the benefit of our people and to show its natural beauty and archaeological sites," he said.

Although the houses will be ready to receive tourists by the end of the year, locals are already promoting tourism to Pinchollo, which is visited by five to seven tourists a day.

San Sebastian de Pinchollo is a little village located in the Colca Canyon, between Chivay and the "Cruz del Condor" in Caylloma province, Arequipa.

The 17th-century San Sebastián church in Pinchollo is a tourist attraction worth visiting, with a baroque altar and a baptismal area with an elaborately painted entrance.

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