Kraft Foods starts volunteer programs in Peru

Isabel Guerra

In a global-scale initiative, Kraft Foods wants to convoke more than 10,000 workers in a volunteer program to donate their time in a one-week program called “Make a delicious difference.”

128 Krafts Foods Peru workers are mobilizing in Lima, Trujillo and Arequipa to give conferences on nutrition, hygiene, safety at home, care of the environment, etc.

The activities also have the participation of nutritionist Julizza Pezo and the popular cook Lalo Martins, who prepared lunch for all the attendees to the most recent events, with the help of volunteers.

Volunteer workers even substituted mothers who had to cook in the ‘comedor popular’ (communal kitchen) and took care of the kids so that mothers could attend the conferences and workshops instead.

“We thank the communities for welcoming us,” said Cynthia Cavero, an active volunteer of this program, ‘Alimentemos Corazones,’ while Teodora Flores, from the popular kitchen ‘Santa Ana’ (in Lima) thanked the volunteers for allowing mothers to learn new things to improve their daily lives.

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