Colombia, Argentina, Canada and US interested in Peru’s “sacha inchi”

Isabel Guerra

Colombia, Argentina, Canada and the United States are reportedly interested in buying sacha inchi capsules produced in Peru, according to Agroindustrias Blamac sales manager Javier Cortazar.

According to a Blamac press release, sacha inchi has much more Omega 3 than other products like Omega 3 anchovy oil and it is a vegetable alternative for consumers.

“Anchovy oil comes from fishes, who also come from polluted seas; anchovy oil contains cholesterol, and require many chemical processes. In turn, Blamac Sacha Inchi is a  vegetable, 100% cholesterol free and contains 48% of Omega3, which is more than anchovy oil," said Cortazar.

He added that they are seeking to consolidate Blamac’s sales overseas, because at present only 10% of sacha inchi capsules are marketed abroad.

Sacha Inchi is a plant from the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest, and these capsules are currently on sale at Wong and Metro Supermarkets.

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