Toledo vs. Chavez


Yesterday the situation with Venezuela
got worse, the president (of Venezuela)
Hugo Chavez interfered in the internal affairs of Perú when heavily criticizing
the presidential candidate of the Unidad Nacional (National Unity), Lourdes
Flores Nano.
“The president Chavez is committing grave errors, that tends
to destabilize the Latin American community…but I think it is a huge
interference and not sensible of his part to start making comments about
internal affairs of Perú, I will not permit it!” affirmed President Toledo, he
also added that he would never interfere in another countries political business
and he thought they had sorted these problems out, because the chancellery had
sent an official notice apologizing about interfering with Perú’s affairs
before, they were about to conclude this when Hugo Chavez interfered again. “Hugo
Chavez can have all the petrodollars, but as head of state I will not allow him
to interfere in the affairs of Peru”
he added before leaving to Pucallpa.
José Vincente Rangel, vice president of Venezuela
yesterday, with no respect to our President or our government said that the Peruvian
president lacks judicial power and his political opinions are a huge failure to
his presidency. Furthermore, Chavez added saying that the Venezuelan government
doesn’t destabilize but rather stabilizes the region when social problems
attack which is the strength that promotes the zone. Toledo
answered immediately to the declarations by stating “Im not going to make any
comments to any vice president or president that interferes with the business of
another country. I was chosen to govern, to defend sovereignty, the integrity
of Perú and with that you will find me standing firm and with no tolerance for interferences.
Because, if were talking about failures, they should look at the end-results”