Ollanta president?


Julio Quintanilla a lawyer put Ollanta Humala’s presidential
candidacy at huge risk yesterday, when he pointed out to the Jurado Electroal
Especial (JEE) of Lima that Humala
had signed as UPP when he is president of the Partido Nacionalista Peruano
(PNP). Jose Vega Antonio the secretary general said that the JEE would have noted
that the minute that he signed as UPP, Ollanta Humala technically was no longer
a militant of the Nationalist Party.
Ollanta Humala declared yesterday that he is a victim of the
government and of President Toledo who “is pressuring to electoral organizations
to take me out of this competition for President of the Republic” he also added
that no other candidate had been thrown out, he added that the Peruvian government
was scared of nationalism. However Humala said that he will not stay with his
arms folded and not do anything “we will protest in a democratic way”. As you
can imagine the followers of Humala were not pleased and started threatening
the JEE of Lima, Otto Zarate Guevara president of JEE had to be heavily guarded
since the Humalists (Humala followers) were waiting for him by his car and shouted
that he should drop out of the organization (JEE), the same violence was directed
Victor Soto who was confused to be the president of the JEE.