Peru: Pisco “Don Alvaro” awarded a gold medal in Spain

Isabel Guerra

Peruvian Pisco Mosto Verde Don Alvaro was awarded a gold medal at the recent International Wine and Spirits CINVE 2009 contest, which took place between September 25th and 27th, in Seville, Spain.

This award confirms the excellent quality of the Pisco Don Alvaro, the careful process followed in the elaboration of pisco, and the quality of the grapes. This award is also a valuable opportunity for national pisco to promote sales in Spain and Europe.

The CINVE jury was composed of 40 of the most renowned tasters, wine makers and wine experts worldwide, and had the participation of a great variety of samples from all five continents.

The awards ceremony will be held on Tuesday, 3 November, at a gala dinner at the Hotel Alfonso XIII in Seville. Pisco Mosto Verde Don Alvaro is produced by TLC Promotores.

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