Peru: Ancon port will cost US $320 million dollars

Isabel Guerra

Santa Sofia Ports announced that the estimated investment for the construction of the Ancon Port amounts US $320 million dollars, and will generate 1,000 temporal jobs.

In a workshop that took place in Ancon, Santa Sofia released some information related to the port design and the development of the environmental impact assessment, currently in charge of Ecoplaneacion Civil.

Reportedly, the port would not affect the bay’s ecosystem.

Santa Sofia Puertos, part of the Romero Group, intends to invest $320 million in building this new port at Ancon, located 35 kilometers to the North of Lima, and the project is supposed to start in the second half of 2010.

The design considers an 620m area for loading and unloading containers, and another 260m for handling shipments of grains (wheat, corn, soja) and vegtable oils; the port will not work with minerals and won’t support any industrial activity.

The workshop was attended by representatives from Transport and Communications Ministry, Ancon authorities and residents who wanted to know the scope of the project.

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