Peru’s President promises: “South Andean Gas Pipeline will be ready before I leave office.”

Isabel Guerra

President of Peru Alan Garcia paid a visit to Sambor Huaypo’s irrigation project at Anta, Cusco, and assured publicly that the South Andean Gas Pipeline will be concluded before his mandate expires, in 2011.

"Before I leave office, the great South Andean gas pipeline will bring gas to Cusco, Arequipa, Puno, Tacna and Moquegua, because I honor my promises," said the President.

On the other side, Garcia pointed out that Sambor Huaypo works wil benefite 25,000 people in rural zones and a total of S/32 million soles (approx. US $10.5 million dollars) are being invested there.

Cusco Regional President, Hugo Gonzales Sayan who went with Garcia in his visit to the works, informed: "So far, the project has made progress up to 80%."

Finally, President Garcia announced a project that will allow the construction of 100 dams and 30 big reservoirs for all over Peru, starting in December.

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