Peru sends business mission to Expo Peru fair in Chile

Isabel Guerra

Peru’s Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister, Martín Pérez, flew to Santiago today along with a bussiness mission (representants of local companies) in order to to participate at a trade fair in Chile.

Companies going along Pérez belong to tourism, silversmithing, textile, gastronomy and agroindustry sectors.

Pérez got in an Air Force of Peru plane along 85 bussinessmen and 15 civilian employees to participate Wednesday and Thurday at the "Expo Peru" fair, where the Peruvian bussinessmen will present their exportable offer and investment possibilities.

Another group of bussinessmen will join the mission at Santiago to be part of an exhibition of 90 Peruvian companies related to tourism, agriculture and textiles, silver jewerlry and gastronomy.

The Foreign Trade Minister will have a meeting tomorrow with Chile’s Minister of Economy, Hugo Lavados, as well as with Chancellor Mariano Fernández, to talk about investment and opportunities in the Peruvian market.

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