Peru: Amarakaeri natives begin a massive sit-down demanding Hunt Oil Co. to leave their territory

Isabel Guerra

Native Federation of Madre de Dios River (Fenamad) announced that they are organizing a massive sit-down, asking for talks with officials from US based Hunt Oil Co., in order to demand them to leave their territories.

Hunt Oil was granted in concession some blocks (which are now under exploration and exploitation) that are reportedly located inside Amarakaeri’s Communal Reserve.

According to some reports, these blocks overlap the Amarakaeri Communal Reserve, protected ancestral lands that could hold billions of dollars of oil deposits.

Jaime Corisepa, Fenamad’s vice President, explained to CNR Radio that the sit down will take place in a sector called Botas Colorado, located in Madre de Dios district (province of Manu), next to Hunt Oil’s camp.

“We are not allowing the presence of this company. Despite the fact that the Peruvian state has given our ancestral land to Hunt Oil, we will keep on resisting until the company goes away,” said Corisepa.

He also reported that Fenamad has started legal actions and is channeling information related to the environmental impact of Hunt Oil activities in the communal reserve.

Six hydrographic river basins, which are the only sources of water for nearly 10,000 people, are originated in Amarakaeri Communal Reserve territories.

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