TANS demands DGAC for abuse of authority


5 days after the suspension of the flight of TANS Perú and a loss of nearly US$500.000
thanks to the Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil (DGAC), the situation
between both parties has started heating up, this happened the same day that
President Toledo used on of the TANS airplanes to fly to Pucallpa.
Yesterday, the exterior consultant of the airline, Abraham
Ramírez stated that he would demand those responsible for the suspension due to,
“illegal and realized under suspicious and inadmissible circumstances” he
declared. Ramírez explained that he would present an appeal before the vice
minister of Transports.
“Furthermore, we are thinking of presenting a demand against
the director of DGAC, Roberto Rodríguez, for abuse of authority, we will demand
from the DGAC and from the ministry a compensation for loss of economy.” He detailed.
He explained about the trip Toledo
took on one of his airplanes and added “the flight was normal; that shows that
the airline can still operate”, he then commented that there had been companies
that had had more accidents than them, and no one told them anything.