Cases against Humala denied


Sources from the Jurado Electoral Especial (JEE) confirmed
yesterday night that the second case presented by Percy Castro Chipana against
Ollanta Humala (presidential candidate) was denied, the same as the case
presented by Julio Quintanilla who sent the first case to the JEE, of course
Chipana has not given up hope to take Humala out of the presidential race and presented
his case in front of the JNE (Jurado Nacional de Elecciones).
But why is the Humala’s candidacy being questioned? Well,
inside sources of the ONPE (Oficinas Nacional de Procesos Electorales) said
that the inside elections were not clear.
On the 17th of December the internal elections of
the UPP took place. The law states there are three ways to do these internal
elections: they can have ‘open internal elections’ (members of the UPP and
guests can vote), ‘internal elections’
(only members of the UPP) and ‘closed’ (which is done with the Comité Electoral
Nacional (CEN)) but according to the ONPE the CEN did not do their job, but
made a new organization inside the UPP to deal with the proposition, the
ONPE says that this is illegal, since
the party did not pick a president personally for the UPP.
However, all cases have been denied and Humala is free
to carry out his candidacy