Peru’s Lady Balarezo made it to next round of Latin American Idol

Isabel Guerra

She showed fear in her face, but it suddenly changed to happiness after she heard she is one of the finalists with the most votes and could remain one more week in the popular singing contest held in Argentina.

Only six young contestants remains in the singing reality show, and next presentation will be next Wednesday.

Yesterday night Lady Balarezo passed through next round of "Latin American Idol," with another fellow five singers from different parts of Latin America.

Yesterday Balarezo sang "Para Vivir," the theme of the TV soap opera "Un mundo de 20 asientos" (A World of Twenty Seats").

However, she received again some harsh critics from the jury members: Oscar Mediavilla, Mimi and Jon Secada.

The Peruvian singer will sing again next Wednesday in the next stage of the popular reality show.

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