Peru: Homer and Marge Simpson arrived in Lima

Isabel Guerra

Mexican Humberto Vélez and Peruvian Nancy MacKenzie, who gave their voices to  Homer and Marge for the Latin American dubbed version of "The Simpsons," will participate in the First Grand Convention CONAMYC to begin tomorrow in Lima.

They will participate at the First Grand Convention CONAMYC to be held from November 6th until 8th at Parque de la Imaginación (Park of the Imagination) in the Limenian district of San Miguel.

They performed the voices of Homer and Marge until  the 15th season, from 2004 and 2005, but then were fired due to a conflict between the company and the actors labor union on wages.

Velez and Mackenzie’s voices are still famous throughout Latin America, where the Simpson’s true fans have missed them during the last few seasons.

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