82 days left, have you chosen your candidate?


Yesterday, the new survey results were published in El
Comercio newspaper, these stated that so far Ollanta Humala is in the lead with
28%, Humala was occupied all day and wasn’t able to give comments on his new
status in the run for president.
Lourdes Flores who has been in the lead since November in
now in second place by 25%, when asked commented that she was optimistic and
that on the 9th of April she would be the one who triumphs,Alan Garcia follows by 15% and Valentín Paniagua at 10%.
Alan Garcia, sent his secretary general to commented on his
part, when asked who he
thought would win the elections he logically said Alan
Garcia and added that the ‘derecha’ has never won in Perú, however he quickly
added that they are not against Flores since they had defended her against Hugo
Valentin Paniagua, commented that Humala is overrated due to
all the publicity .