Peru’s President arrived in Tokyo to push FTA with Japan

Isabel Guerra

Peruvian President Alan Garcia and Japanese Premier Yukio Hatoyama met in Tokyo and subscribed a mutual agreement of promotion and protection of investments, ready to come into effect in 30 days’ time.

"The goals of this trip are focused on negotiations to reach a Free Trade Agreement," informed the Press Office of Peru’s Government Palace.

"I’m very pleased. We are stimulating the free trade agreement and several other treaties," expressed President Garcia, who arrived to Tokyo for an official two-days visit, as a part of an Asian tour that includes South Korea and Singapore. where he will participate in APEC forum, to begin this Wednesday.

APEC has 21 members, some of them are Peru, Chile and Mexico in Latin America; United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, China and Hong Kong in Asia.

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