Pacheco investigates Humala


The congressman
Gustavo Pacheco (FIM) informed that he has initiated an investigation about the
activities of the nationalist presidential candidate, Ollanta Humala, and said
that he will turn in his investigation end of January.
“Perú has the
right to know who this man is. Until now, he has been presented like a anti-system
leader, however he has used the system all his life. Its important to know what
he did in France and Korea, and where he was when the incident of ‘Andahuaylas’
happened, since then his campaign would be stained with blood”, signaled Pacheco.
“I’m a politician of career, here the ones who
have to step aside or go to jail, are the delinquents, if they’re
congressmen or not, unfortunately there are parties that are easily influenced due
to fear of certain interests” he indicated