Inkaterra Hotels hosted their “Birding Day” in Peru

Isabel Guerra

Inkaterra, a  sustainable tourism organization,  has staged since 2006, the competition "Inkaterra Big Birding Day" which aims to watch and hear as many bird species as possible in each area where Inkaterra operates.

The contest manages a list of registered birds living in these areas; each location presents a team composed by an environmental interpreter, Inkaterra staff and guests.

This year’s competition was staged recently, with Lima’s location getting first place, having reported 89 species out of 165 to be observed, around 53,9% of the total.

Second place was for Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel registering 109 out of 215 species observed, reporting four species not considered in the original list, making a 48,2% of the total.

Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica team reported 102 species out of 420, with a 24,3% of the total.

The data registered in the field allow for the improvement of the bird watching excursions that Inkaterra offers its customers. It also keeps an actual record for bird-watching in the different ecosystems of the route, monitors birds’ behavior, promots inter-action with the environment, and recognizes the natural importance of each area where Inkaterra operates.

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