Peru: Documentary about the “Diablada” dance will be done in Puno

Isabel Guerra

A documentary about the "Diablada" dance will be recorded in Puno, to promote its origins and its traditional value, informed Jose Morales Serruto, representative of Asociacion Nativa Puno. The film is sponsored by the Puno-born businessman Elio Quenta Chalco, who is very interested in the project.

The filming could begin in next January.

"The Diablada is part of our cultural heritage and has a great importance here at this zone. The documentary looks forward to defend our culture, and could be filmed in Puno, Paucarcolla and Yunguyo," said Morales, adding that the film will have original music, so they are looking for local composers, singers, as well as actors.

"We are also searching for a production company in Lima to help us in the final project and to contribute in the commercial distribution of the film inside and outside Peru," added Morales Serruto.

The story of the Diablada will begin at colonial time to present days, and the budget will include shooting and marketing.

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