88.1 percent of major companies in Peru will close 2009 with favorable results

Isabel Guerra

The 88.1% of major companies in the country will end this year with favorable results, according to the “Business Barometer” conducted by the public group at the University of Lima.

The survey was conducted between October 21st and November 11th, amongst 151 CEOs of major companies based in Peru, and that registered the highest turnovers in 2008.

According to this survey, 82.1% of entrepreneurs will not need to restructure debts nor liabilities, and 85.4% do not have any tax debts either with the SUNAT (Peru’s Tax Agency).

Regarding the production levels, 43.8% of the businessmen polled declared that their companies are currently using between 60% and 80% percent of the installed capacity, while 37.1% use between 80% and 100%; and 11.9% said they were using between 40% and 60%.

Finally, 92.7% said their companies are able to successfully confront the FTA with the United States, while only 7.3% felt unprepared.

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