Association on the side of Humala


The Association of Agriculturists and Producers of the coca leafs of Alto
Huallaga and Padre Abad said “We have been, the past week looking into the government
plan of Mr. Ollanta Humala, and we find it excellent in the part for the agriculturalists.
We analyzed it with the delegation of my province and we have accepted the
invitation, especially thinking about the country and in this nationalistic change
that represents Mr. Ollanta” this was commented by Elsa Malpartida president of
the above mentioned association, she also added that her friend Nancy Obregon
will postulate for congress for Humala. Malpartida added that she hoped that
the justice system didn’t press so hard, so as to take them out of the race,
this id due to the fact that both Malpartida and Obregon have had problems with
the justice department, for the incidents that happened in March of 2004 in Cusco