Peru: Piura will export 1,500 tons of Red Globe grapes

Isabel Guerra

Agroindustrial company Camposol could export more than 1,500 tons of Red Globe and Flame grapes from late December, which would be an important fact because this is the first harvest of this fruit in the Piura region.

The Superintendent of Agroalegre Farm and responsible for the harvest, Jose Luis Vilcamango, said the present campaign hopes to reach 1,500 tonnes of Red Globe grape and 19 tonnes of Flame grape, which were sowed in 92 and 8 hectares respectively.

He added that this production will reach a 98% return. According to their information, 70% of the production will go to the Asian market, mainly China, and the rest of it will go to United States, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Germany among other countries.

Vilcamango reminded that grapes’ development allowed for the creation of massive jobs.

"We hire between 650 and 700 persons a day during the previous stage of the harvest," he said.

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